Ngunjiri wants government to waiver quarantine fee for returning Kenyans

Bahati Member of Parliament, Kimani Ngunjiri, has wondered why Kenyans returning home from abroad are being charged to stay in hotels meant for quarantine.

While acknowledging the efforts the Government is making in trying to control the spread of the virus, Ngunjiri has appealed to the Government to spare Kenyans going quarantine any form of charges.

The legislator noted that the government should instead be on the forefront in aiding Kenyans coming from other affected countries by facilitating their transport back home and meeting all the expenses incurred during the period of isolation.

He said “Other Governments are evacuating their people from countries affected at no cost but ours has left its citizens to sort out themselves when they need their Government more than ever”.

“Asking Kenyans to pay for the hotel where he is to be quarantined assuming he or she has the money to do so is not fair” he added.

According to Ngunjiri forcing people to pay for quarantine will only worsen the situation since some might opt to cost share or even bribe their way out of the quarantine as opposed to paying for the hotels thus endangering the lives of many.

“If it is true that the Government has received funds to mitigate the pandemic, let the money be used to ensure the comfort of Kenyans is prioritized during quarantine and evacuation from affected countries” said Ngunjiri.


Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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