Ndeffo residents blame police for rising insecurity

A section of residents from Ndeffo in Njoro have blamed the police for failing to maintain law and order in their village.

Speaking at a peace meeting convened by the Njoro DCC at Lusiru Primary school in Kihingo ward on Wednesday, the residents decried the many times they had reported criminals only for them to be released moments later.

In the last few days, there has been rising tribal tensions after an elderly man was killed in unclear circumstances on Wednesday last week. Although Ndeffo is home to several other tribes, the main ones are the Kikuyus and the Kalenjins.

Even as each speaker calling for intertribal tolerance, they all seemed to point fingers at the security agencies whom they accused of laxity in their work.

“We once followed our stolen sheep to one homestead in the company of the chief. We arrested the suspect whom we handed over to the police but surprisingly, he was released only hours later,” lamented one resident.

The same suspect was later to shoot a nighr watchman with an arrow but was once again released.

“As the Ndeffo community, we request all Kikuyu and Kakenjin police officers to be transfered from our police post as they easily get compromised on tribal grounds,” requested an elder on behalf of the community.

Falling Economic Fortunes in Ndeffo

The area MCA, George Machoka Kiere decried the falling fortunes if the ward following the insecurity that keeps arising every now and then.

“It is only here that the price of lands keeps going down. No investor is willing to buy land here as most fear for the security of their lives and property,” said the MCA.

It emerged that some farms had been deserted by their owners who felt the area was not secure for their families and economic activities.

Addressing the issue, area MP Charity Kathambi has promised to ensure those who had left their farms are resettled and permanent peace is enjoyed in the area. Towards this, a police post will be put up in the next financial year on a half acre piece of land donated by a resident.

Other leaders present were Mauche Ward MCA Philip Rotich, Women Rep Liza Chelule and Senator Susan Kihika.

“Security is an important aspect in our community. Without it, normal livelihoods, economic and social developments cannot be achieved,” said the Senator. .

The senator called on the residents to continue with their peaceful co-existence.

Unrest in the area has been an on and off affair since the 1990s. Back then, it was fuelled by political intolerance but in the words of the DCC, the current reason for the insecurity was pure criminality.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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