Natembeya,Kinyanjui warn residents against tribal attacks

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has confirmed that six people have so far died in the ongoing battles in Narok County

Natembeya has warned politicians against visiting the place on any mission saying that presence of politicians might orchestrate more animosity among the fighting communities

Moreover he has said that they have deployed more General service unit officers  since yesterday to ensure the peaceful co-existence has resumed

Addressing Media at Rift Valley Headquarters in Nakuru Town Natembeya,  said that the heavy deployment is also in a mission of searching for a firearm that was used yesterday during the clashes

The administrator has confirmed that there are still running battles at Olposimoru area in Narok north

Clashes pitying two tribes erupted on the Narok- Nakuru border following an alleged theft of cattle

The area is prone to tribal clashes between the Kipsigis and the Maasai who have over a long period of time clashed over pasture and water, and farming land.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has also weighed in on the matter calling on the residents of the said area to desist from attacking each other.

Kinyanjui said that there were so many important things that need attention currently and not addressing the issue of tribal clashes.


Ambole Okata
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