Natembeya orders barbershops, salons shut

Barbershops and salons in the Rift Valley have been ordered not to open their businesses for the next 30 days after being cited as risks to spreading the Covid-19 Corona virus

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has said that the two types of businesses do not meet the recommended social distance order by the ministry of health especially when attending to customers thus posing a danger of spreading the deadly disease

Natembeya has said that the order will run across the Rift Valley Region for the next 30days where they will review the progress of the government move to curbing spread of the disease and the outcome will determine whether they will extend the closure of the businesses or resume

The administrator has said that Kenyans are the one to choose on how the war against Corona Virus will move by positively responding to rules and regulations laid down by the government

However operators of the two businesses have opposed the move citing discrimination .

They argued that, just like any other business they have been taking precautionary measures including sanitizing and offering other hand washing material  like soap.

They called on Natembeya to rethink about his order which they said has left thousand jobless and desperate.


Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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