NASA MPs meet to punish errand members

Days after the jubilee party punished rebel members in the Senate,the NASA coalition seems to have taken cue and swung into action.

Orange Democratic party minority whip in parliament Junet Mohammed has proposed changes to the composition of house committees

In the changes members of parliament who are sympathetic to Deputy President William Ruto will lose their positions in House committees.

Those targeted for removal include Kiminini Member of parliament Chris Wamalwa who will lose his position as the national assembly deputy minority whip

His position is expected to be filled by Tonagren MP Eseli SIMIYU

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa will be removed from all house committees including his position as a member of the house business committee.

Other targeted for punishment include MPs Slyvanus Osoro, Tindi Mwale, Catherine Wambilianga, Nakara Lodepe,David Ochieng, Vincent Kemosi and Gideon Ochanda.

The NASA coalition is today holding its parliamentary group meeting to pass the proposed changes.

It is expected that the changes will easily sail through after the jubilee party which previously  blocked such changes  opted to work with ODM in all house related matters.

According to Junet Mohammed the said members will be out of committees for the next six months and could be brought  back based on their behavior.


Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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