Mututho calls for arrest of inciters in Narok clashes

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has weighed in on the ongoing tension on the Narok-Nakuru border.

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho at a past media address at his Jomec Rehab.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.


In a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday,Mututho called on Government to move with speed and arrest the issue.

He says the issue in the area cannot just be about cattle theft.

“A cow cannot be the bone of contention in the area making people fight each other the way it is happening in Narok-Nakuru border” he said.

Mututho however claims the issue might be political with a section fanning the war.

It is for this reason; the former Naivasha MP now wants arrests made on those inciting locals.

He noted that Riftvalley is a hot pot for Kenya’s politics and such happenings cannot be allowed ahead of the 2022 politics.

He called on politicians to focus on how they can assist people during these harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic rather than inciting ethnic conflicts.

“The truth be told that we have politicians who are behind all this happenings and that is we are telling RC Natembeya to arrest them no matter their rank” he said.

His sentiments coming barely hours after Riftvalley regional commissioner George Natembeya sounded a stern warning to any politician inciting the locals against each in Narok.

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