Nakuru’s Wakulima Market traders counting losses as customers keep off

Ms Jackline Anyango goes on with her her omena business at Nakuru’s Wakulima market.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Traders at the Nakuru’s Wakulima Market are already feeling the pinch following public panic over corona virus.

The most hit are omena traders who say the stock is now dwindling due to the emergence of corona virus.

They attribute the dwindling of stock to the corona virus outbreak that they now say has led to the closure of the Kenya-Uganda, Kenya-Tanzania borders where they get their supply.

Ms Jackline Anyango who has been doing omena business at the Wakulima Market within Nakuru’s CBD now says since the outbreak of corona virus the business has greatly been hit.

She says the stock they used to get from Uganda has dwindled and even the customers are in panic mode hence not showing up.

“We are worried over our business since the issue of corona came up” she said.

Sentiments echoed by Ms Elizabeth Okello who says it is a big blow to their businesses as omena traders in Nakuru.

Ms Elizabeth who narrates that she is a single mother hence the sole bread winner for her family now hopes the situation will not escalate as it will worsen her livelihood and now that her children are at home after government ordered schools to close.

According to her if the situation goes to the worst they will have to shut down the omena businesses.

“If this goes to the worst we will remain to suffer as omena traders” said Ms Elizabeth.

But not only the omena traders at the Wakulima Market are feeling the pain, Ms Ruth Wanjiru-a chickens trader at the market shares the same pain.

In an interview at the market, she says she has had to   cope with the situation though quick to note that it is not healthy for her business.

She says as chicken dealers they have decided not to add stock as the ones available are yet to be sold due to the Corona virus panic.

“Customers are not showing up due to panic. The stock you see around is what we had even before the corona virus was announced” said Ms Wanjiru.

But the script is different for Ms Mary Wanjiku who says she has been able to sell her tomatoes without any hitch.

According to her, the panic over corona has led customers buy more tomatoes maybe for their keep at home just in case stock dwindles.

“For me business is normal in fact customers are overwhelmingly buying the tomatoes since the corona virus was announced.

Mary wacuka-a potato trader at the market also stating that potato business has not been affected that much.

She says customers are still buying with some doing so due to panic over corona virus.

Her appeal to the government is to ensure that all markets are operational so to ensure supply for the citizens.

“Some goods such as potatoes.tomatoes, onions and lemon are still on market. We call on government to ensure that no market is shut” said Ms Wacuka.







Martin Gichinga
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