Nakuru’s oldest supermarket joins County in COVID-19 war

Nakuru’s oldest and largest wholesale and retail outlet, Gilanis Supermarket has pledged to support the County Government of Nakuru’s efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Gilani Foundation, the supermarket has donated 35 plastic water tanks of 100 liters capacity each to be installed in designated areas for handwashing purposes.

The supermarket has also pledged to print and distribute 1,300 posters and 4,000 flyers on health education and awareness in combating COVID-19.

The educative and informative material will be distributed across the county as well as being given to customers visiting Gilanis supermarkets.

The Gilanis Supermarket CEO Christopher Gasperi it is the people of Nakuru County who has enabled the business stay afloat in the last 48 years thus the need to be there in the time of their need.

The supermarket’s Director of Finance Mr Shamsher Gilani added that the firm will install water points in Piave, Njoro sub-County for locals to access sufficient clean water round the clock.

County Medical Services CO Dr Solomon Sirma thanked the Gilanis Supermarket for supplementing County efforts adding that the water tanks will be erected in populated zones and low-income areas.

The county government of Nakuru has enhanced partnership with private sector players as it fights to contain the spread of corona virus.

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