Nakuru’s maternal mortality rate reduces by 30% in one year

Enhanced  health infrastructure and skilled personnel has helped in reducing the  maternal mortality rate in Nakuru County  by over 30 per cent in the past year.
The Margaret Kenyatta Mother-Baby Wing at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital and the construction and refurbishment of maternity facilities  across the county has led to improved service delivery
Equipping healthcare workers with proper knowledge on maternal care and newborn management has also averted the maternal, neonatal, and postnatal deaths significantly.
Latest to be trained are 32 healthcare workers, among them midwives and clinicians from across the County, on essential maternal newborn and obstetrics care.
“We have seen a steady increase of women seeking maternal services, even at a time people are shunning public hospitals in other Counties due to COVID-19 pandemic,” stated County Reproductive Health Coordinator Ms Clara Kerich.
Improved infrastructure across the county has seen the number of women pregnant women seeking services from hospitals rising
The county has been advocating for hospital birth as opposed to home birth especially among rural women
The training program is supported by the County Government of Nakuru and Transforming Health Systems.
Free maternal services through the inua mama  programme has also seen more women seeking maternal health services from health facilities.
Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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