Nakuru Youth Attend Empowerment Seminar Courtesy of PDO

Psychiatric Disability Organisation (PDO) Kenya yesterday opened its door to Nakuru youth for a four days seminar targeting high school and college students. The Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!) is a program run by PDO that provides professional guidance to young people through edutainment.

Speaking during the opening ceremony at the Love and Hope Centre yesterday, PDO CEO Iregi Mwenja said the monthly program is was aimed at inculcating discipline and good morals, promoting healthy lifestyles-both mental and physical health, releasing stress and raising self-awareness.

Our objective it to provide professional guidance to young people in a dynamic, fun and lively way so as to motivate and inspire them to take control of their lives early enough.

Professional counselors, social workers and spiritual leaders take young people through various topics including, self-esteem and self-awareness, peer pressure, internet and gaming addiction, drug abuse and addiction, relation and boundaries, sexuality and sexual health, talent identification, career guidance among others.

Iregi explained the reason why they decided to start this program,

‚ÄúDuring our schools psycho-social support program, we realized that there is a huge gap left by busy parents and teachers pre-occupied with grades in mentorship and guidance of adolescents. Our children have been left on their own and most of them are finding guidance in the wrong places particularly on the internet,” explained Mr. Iregi.

He added that PDO has decided to take fill the gap and provide young people with a youth friendly forum where they can ask questions and seek professional guidance on issues that they would otherwise be shy to ask their parents or teachers.

The seminars run once every month at the Love and Hope Center in Section 58.

Parents who want to send their children can contact the Organization on 0723713642.

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