Nakuru Women Rep Seat not reserved for any tribe,says Kamuren

Nakuru Jubilee Women leadership have termed as mere propaganda reports circulating that Nakuru Women Representative Jubilee Ticket is reserved for a particular community.

Led by Gladys Kamuren who is eyeing the Nakuru Women Rep seat on a Jubilee Ticket, the leaders said that is mere propaganda being propagated by some individuals who are out to divide Nakuru County on the basis of tribalism.

“Propaganda is common in politics…we have heard some people going around and meeting some elders to be endorsed. Let us make it clear that this seat is not for a particular tribe but let us allow the voters to decide. We cannot go around saying this seat is for this or that tribe, let us wait till the ballot decides” said Kamuren.

While refuting claims that the Women Rep seat in Nakuru is reserved for the Kalenjin Community, Kamuren who also comes from the Kalenjin Community reiterated that she has not at any given time held a meeting to endorse anyone from the community for the seat.

She called on the Nakuru residents to shun leaders who are out to divide them on the basis of tribe saying Nakuru is a cosmopolitan and everyone should be included in decision making.

“Nakuru is a cosmopolitan county, we have all tribe and thus why I have never sat in a meeting to endorse one for a seat, residents have the votes and they will decide. Anyone vying for seats let them sell their policies but Nakuru residents will make the final decision” she said.

When reached for a comment over the same, the incumbent Nakuru county Women Rep Mary Njoki Mbugua stated that the same sentiments.

According to the incumbent Nakuru Women Rep, Nakuru residents have the final say when it comes to who to elect in the August polls and wondered why there was so much concentration on Women Rep seat yet there was even the Gubernatorial and Senatorial seat.

Sources had it that a section of senior Jubilee leaders from Nairobi had thoughts to ensure Nominated senator Liza Chelule who comes from Kuresoi makes it for the Women Rep Jubilee ticket an issue that has brought up mixed reactions.

The Nakuru Women Rep seat has over 5 Jubilee aspirants who will battle it out with KANU’S Grace Karuga.

Nakuru county is a cosmopolitan but the politics seem to revolve around two communities thus the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin.

The Incumbent Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has a Joseph Ruto as his deputy and has maintained that he will retain his deputy as running mate in the August polls.

His opponent John Mututho has named Maureen Chebet from Kuresoi as running mate.

Lee Kinyanjui who is also vying for the seat is yet to name his running mate but sources have it that he might go for someone from the Kalenji Commnuity.