Nakuru Woman MP decries high cases of early pregnancies

Nakuru County Woman Rep Liza Chelule has decried the high cases of early pregnancies facing young school going girls.

Speaking at Maili Kumi after visiting Bahati sub county hospital where she encountered a 16 year old girl in the maternity ward, Chelule said it was so sad that the young girl was missing school due to early pregnancy.

The Nakuru Woman MP calling on parents and the society at large to take responsibility when it comes to matters of parenting.

Chelule vowed to sponsor ensure that the young girl a form two student in one of the schools in Bahati continues with her education after 4 months of parenting.

“My appeal to the parents and the society at large let us ensure our children are in school and that our girls are safe. If we deny them education then we are calling for poverty” said Chelule.

The Nakuru Woman Rep taking the opportunity to sound a warning to male gender and the society at large that the law is very clear on the penalties of messing up with minors in society.She called for a collective responsibility in ensuring that education for the girl child and that those who try to mess up minors’ lives in society are arrested and prosecuted in court of law.

“To all the men who are here and even women let me assure you that matters of defilement and rape against our children will not be tolerated and the law will face up with those who involve in such heinous acts” said Chelule.

On 2022 politics, the legislator called on residents of Bahati Sub County and Nakuru in general to drum up support for DP William Ruto.

While reiterating the need for peaceful coexistence, She said Kenya as a nation needs leaders who will continue with the legacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta of uniting the country and that Ruto was in good position to do so.

“On 2022 politics, let us drum support for DP Ruto so that he can continue with the legacy of uniting Kenya for development” said Chelule.

Kericho County Woman Rep Florence Bore who accompanied MP Chelule during the Thursday tour in Bahati Sub County also echoing same.

The Kericho County Woman Rep while noting that Nakuru was the hot pot of Kenya’s politics called on Kenyans to maintain peace and borrow a leaf from Nakuru where almost all the tribes coexist peacefully.

“Nakuru is a county to emulate when it comes to politics for your continued peaceful existence” said MP Bore.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Nakuru county Woman Rep Liza Chelule(right) and her Kericho counterpart Florence Bore addressing locals at Maili Kumi trading centre in Bahati.

Pristone Mambili

A freelance Journalist with experience in Radio and online news writing.