Arama hits out at opponents spreading propaganda on social media

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has hit out at his political opponents terming them ‘busy bodies’ who have no single development agenda for Nakuru West residents.

Addressing the media at Nakuru West Secondary school on Friday, Arama said there are individuals who have never appreciated the development realized in Nakuru West since 2013.

The Legislator stating that the propaganda being propagated by such individuals on social platforms will not derail him from his development agenda.

Arama says his focus is on improving the physical and economic state of his constituents and has no time for opponents who engage in petty politics.

“We have some individuals here in Nakuru West calling themselves leaders yet they are too preoccupied with personal differences at the expense of development. They wake everyday with propaganda on social media which does not add up” he said.

Arama who has demonstrated his commitment in infrastructural development among them roads and schools says politics of 2022 should be shelved for now and instead leaders focus on development agenda.

According to him, it is the development scorecard that will speak volume towards 2022 politics in his constituency.

“My development record speaks for itself and anyone who does not see the development realized in Nakuru West since I took over is living in another world” said Arama.

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