DCC Elmi Shaffie refutes claims of ‘protecting errant’ local chief

Nakuru West Deputy County Commissioner Elmi Shaffie has refuted claims by a section of Nakuru residents that he is ‘protecting’ Chief Douglas Nyandika of Viwanda Location.

Nakuru residents under the umbrella Nakuru County Leaders caucus had on Monday morning stormed the chief’s office demanding his ouster due to what they termed as incompetent and acting rudely towards members of the public seeking services.

The group had also claimed that Chief Nyandika has no qualifications to serve as chief in the area as his credential s are questionable.

However, addressing media just hours after the fracas that saw police deployed to ensure order at the Chief’s office, Nakuru West Deputy County Commissioner Elmi Shaffie refuted the allegations raised by the Nakuru County Leaders Caucus.

While terming the allegations baseless, the Nakuru West DCC was categorical that the group was being used by a section of politicians in Nakuru West.

According to Elmi, Chief Nyandika is a qualified government official who replaced a certain female chief from the area after the latter engaged in politics contrary to the code of service.

He says the former female Chief might be having a hand in the ongoing drama around Chief Nyandika with hopes that the seat will remain vacant so that she can have a come back

The DCC also sounding a stern warning to those trying to interfere with Government officers that the law will face up with them.

“The busy bodies in Nakuru West made a tour to the Viwanda Location pretending to be spokespersons raising baseless allegations against chief Nyandika. Let me state here that Chief Nyandika is qualified Government officer posted to Viwanda and he is here to stay. As administrators we shall not allow any interference in service delivery” said DCC Elmi.

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