Nakuru Truly blessed in Tourism Sector – Edith Kimani

I cannot speak about my love for Nakuru without mentioning the sights and sounds that define our tourism sector.

Edith Kimani
Written by Edith Kimani

World class parks, like Lake Nakuru national park, Hells Gate National Park, Soysambu Conservancy (the only conservancy with a natural lake in it in the world), Mount Longonot, Mt. Suswa, Sleeping Maasai and much more.
There are very many other sites like Bomas of Nakuru, Lord Egerton Castle and the Equator. Nakuru is also the place where pelicans breed at Lake Elementaita.
Nakuru has beautiful coffee and tea farms, potato plantations, tomato fields, and ranches.
I cannot love Nakuru without loving its people. Every tribe is represented in Nakuru. Nakuru is my little Kenya.
We have immense potential if only each one of us would do the little we ought to do because it starts with you and me. Keep your environment clean, don’t litter, always be mindful of the people around you and together we can make “Nakuru City” a reality.

Proud to be associated with God bless our County and its people.
Nakuru my choice of home, my choice of work, my choice of leisure.

Edith Kimani is the Chief officer at the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in Nakuru County.

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