Nakuru Sentorial race – Walkover for Kihika?

It’s less than six months to elections and the campaign fever is fast catching up in Nakuru. But one thing is almost certain, the Nakuru senatorial race is an nearly completed business. So far we have only one serious candidate still in the race, Susan Kihika. But lets look at the gubernatorial race first.

The three “serious” gubernatorial candidates have their game up seemingly ready to spend millions of shillings to secure the Jubilee nomination. As it is., the gubernatorial race in Nakuru is still too close to call. The next Nakuru County CEO could be anyone between the incumbent Kinuthia Mbugua, former NACADA boss John Mututho and former NTSA boss Lee Kinyanjui. In the race are also Senator James Mungai and Lawrence Bomet.

The same case applies to the MPs. None of the Nakuru County 11 MPs is too sure of making a comeback especially considering Nakuru has a nasty habit of denying incumbents a second term. In short, it’s a free for all though with favorites starting to emerge.

But one seat is more or less a sure bet. One aspirant has stood out and shone brightly. She has been visible, she has been vocal and above all she has stood out from the crowded race that constitutes the hyper competitive Nakuru politics.

For the last four years, the Nakuru County speaker Susan Kihika has positively touched more lives in the county than many of the sitting politicos. She has been there when needed in her own personal capacity and has done more to put Nakuru on the national map than some of the elected leaders can hope to achieve. Who can forget the voter mobilization drive she recently undertook crisscrossing the county and even penetrating the innermost corners of the county?

Susan Kihika the leading aspirant in the Nakuru Senatorial race
Susan Kihika the leading aspirant in the Nakuru Senatorial race

Susan Kihika is fearless. She not only knows what she wants and how to get it, but more so knows what the Nakuru County residents need and is determined to get it for them. She stays determined and disciplined on her course. She doesn’t easily give up and isn’t easily dissuaded from her vision. These and many other qualities have made her a darling of many in the county and beyond.

But it hasn’t been an easy ride to the top. She has been scathingly attacked both in the mainstream and social media. Millions of man hours have been devoted dissecting her usually with an intention of bringing her down but like every God’s anointed leader, she has carried on. Actually, her detractors have built her by their ceaseless attacks and in the process rendering themselves inconsequential in the Nakuru Senatorial race.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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