Nakuru Senator visits flood victims

The Nakuru County Senator has today visited various parts of the county where residents were affected by floods.

During her visits, the Senator also distributed foodstuffs, detergents and masks to the victims.

The Senator’s first visit was in Kamara Ward in Kuresoi North where several homesteads were washed by floodwaters. The families affected in the tragedy are currently housed at Mau Secondary School in Kamara.Nakuru Senator distributing masks

“We are very grateful for the generous gesture by the senator,” said a resident whose house was washed away.

The Senator’s second stop was at Ndabibi in Maiella Ward, Naivasha sub-county. Almost a hundred residents were affected by raging rain waters at night making their homes inhabitable. Most of the farms along the path of destruction were also left waterlogged and not ideal for farming.

The area MCA and other leaders also joined the Senator at Ndabibi where they assured the residents that plans were being made to find a permanent solution to the floods.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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