Nakuru PWDs’ Lobby groups mark International Wheelchairs’ Day with numerous activities

Each year 1 March marks International Wheelchair Day.

The annual awareness day is commemorated with events and activities to raise money for mobility charities in the UK, where it first started, and beyond.

First celebrated in 2008, International Wheelchair Day has grown each year and events have been held all over the world.

The Day serves a dual purpose: enabling wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has in their lives, while acknowledging that millions of people in the world need a wheelchair but who do not have access to one.

Advancements in mobility technology in recent years have allowed individuals to regain their freedom and independence, but there is still work to do to raise awareness of the challenges they face.

In Nakuru County, several organizations among them Rani Ramchandani Foundation, PWDs Kenya and Association of Physically Disabled Persons in Kenya among other, joined hands in marking the Day in an event held in Bahati Constituency.

During the event, Bahati Walemavu Pamoja Sacco was launched.

This is a Sacco that will incorporate all Persons with Disability in Bahati Constituency towards empowerment.

President PWDs Kenya Ambrose Lasoy during interview.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Speaking during the event, Ambrose Lasoy-President PWDs Kenya lauded the launch of the Sacco adding that it will go a long way in ensuring PWDs in Bahati Constituency are economically empowered.

“We are launching BAWAPA Sacco. We want the PWDs in Bahati to feel at home under this Sacco that will also be key in their empowerment,” stated Lasoy.

He noted that as a country, there are still challenges on matters PWDs.

While pointing out that lack of regulations for distribution of PWDs’ fund in Nakuru has hintered activities, the PWDs’ President was quick to state that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

According to him already advanced talks and consultations are own to have the Regulations adopted by the county assembly of Nakuru.

“We are working on regulations and the Governor has shown political goodwill. Already we have in our account 27.5 billion shillings but with no regulations in place then it becomes difficult to utilize the funds,” he stated.

Lasoy called on national government, Council of Governors and other stakeholders to also step in and ensure welfare of the PWDs.

Besides the launch of BAWAPA Sacco, the day also saw several wheelchairs donated through a partnership of Rani Ramchandani Foundation and Team Rani.

Speaking during the event, Rani Ramchandani revealed that the donation were also made in Baringo county and Kitale in Trans Nzoia County.

She called for more collaboration towards ensuring PWDs enjoy their rights too as enshrined in the constitution of Kenya.

“We urge the county government to also come in and ensure these group of people are not discriminated. As Rani Ramchandani Foundation we shall continue to partner with other well wishers towards the same,” she stated.

Sentiments echoed by Mohammed Khan from Association of Physically Disabled Persons in Kenya-APDK.

He noted as organization, they will continue to partner with other stakeholders to hold clinics and sensitization so as to avert society keeping in locked homes physically challenged children.

During the event, the Anti-Drugs and substance Abuse Campaigns was also  launched.



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