Nakuru prisons benefit from legal clinic

On Wednesday 11th October 2017 inmates at the men’s and the women’s prison were in receipt of legal advice concerning their cases and rights as inmates. This was courtesy of The Kituo cha Sheria organization in association with the Psychiatric Disability Organization(PDO).
The Kituo cha Sheria is a human rights nongovernmental organization committed to helping the disadvantaged, poor and marginalized people in Kenya to access justice.Their main aim at the clinic was to answer any legal questions posed by the inmates and to try and help them understand how the justice system works. This would enable the inmates already sentenced to appeal their cases if need be and for those in remand to understand their court proceedings.
“More often than not, those incarcerated lack the basic knowledge about their cases and often end up being misrepresented without their knowledge,” Rebecca, member from the Kituo cha Sheria spoke during the event.
One of the inmates ‘Justin’ not his real name, inquired on how he could participate in the event of inheritance divides between his siblings and him.An example of how much information the prisoners need based on their rights while in prison.
The legal clinics have played a major role in reducing ignorance about the justice system especially for the accused that may otherwise languish in prisons unlawfully.

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