Nakuru Principal urges Government to improve infrastructure to ensure 100% transition to High Schools,

The Government has been urged to ensure to work with all other partners in the education sector to ensure that there is one hundred percent transition from primary to secondary schools.

Speaking on Tuesday during the first parents meeting at Kivumbini Secondary school since the school was started last year through Nakuru Town East NGCDF, the School’s Principal Mrs.Stellah Muluvi said there was need for the expansion of schools to achieve that.

“There is need to bridge the gap of transition through expansion of the current schools so as to enable the one hundred percent transition from primary to High school “said Mrs.Stellah.

She also revealed that the school started last year is enrolling more students and the challenge remains infrastructure such as enough classrooms.

It is due to the overwhelming number of students that the school has appealed to the Government through the area MP David Gikaria and MCA to ensure that additional two classrooms are constructed before January next year.

“The school started last year but at the moment we have more students than our expectations hence need for additional 2 classrooms. We have appealed to the Government through the area MP and MCA to consider that” she said.

During the meeting that brought together parents of Form one and two, elections were also held to ensure that the Parents Association has a representation in the school.

According to the Principal, the elections of the Parents Association representatives in the school which was overseen by Mr.Willy Kariuki from the Nakuru East sub county Education office is a requirement through the Basic Education.

“It is through the Basic Education Act that we must have representation elected by parents and that is why we did the elections” she said.

She also took the opportunity to urge parents and the society at large to be responsible in parenting so as to produce good minds that can transform the society.

The meeting also saw Parents and the Form one students undertaken through guidance lessons by professional counselor Mrs.Judy Ogada.

PHOTO:Kivumbini Secondary Principal Mrs.Stellah Muluvi during an interview on Tuesday.She has called on the Government to improve infrastructure in the existing schools to ensure a hundred percent transition in High schools.

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