Nakuru Priest marks 25 years of Priesthood, calls on Kenyans to shun tribalism

Nakuru priest has called on Kenyans to shun tribalism but rather embrace peace and unity to foster maximum development.

Speaking over the weekend during dinner celebration to mark his 25 years of priesthood, Fr.Lawrence Mbogo of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru said Kenyans have a big role to decide whether they want peace or chaos.

He added that Kenyans should understand that the nation is not in the hands of the politicians but in the hands of Kenyans t and they should safeguard it.

While noting that politics is part of a nation, Fr.Mbogo who is also the Vicar General Catholic Diocese of Nakuru said the deal between former premier Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta might sail through but was quick to add that even if it fails then Kenyans should not hate each other on the same.

“As Kenyans we have seen, we have tested and we have lived. Let every Kenya knows that peace of this nation depends on them” he said.

On the issue of tribalism, the Priest called on Kenyans to believe in themselves as Kenyans and shun the cocoon of tribalism which he said has continued to drag the country behind.While noting that Nakuru County is cosmopolitan, Fr.Mbogo applauded the Nakuru politicians for continued peaceful coexistence.

“Why don’t we accept ourselves as Kenyans and move on? We are Kenyans and that is a fact let us shun tribalism but I must applaud the Nakuru politicians for ensuring co-existence” he said.

The Priest who has served both in USA and Kenya as a priest for the last 25 years says the Grace of God has seen hi sail through.

He encouraged those in Seminary to press on with the calling.“As I celebrate 25 years of priesthood I must say it has been by the grace of God.

To the seminarians I encourage you to know that this journey of priesthood is possible” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Prof.Fr.Stephen Mbugua from Tangaza University College under Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

He called on Christians to adhere to the callings in various vocations in order to ensure development of the church of Christ.

“I call on Christians to ensure they respect their callings in order to grow the church” he said.

The celebrations were also attended by Fr.Msafiri Wana from catholic Arch-diocese of Arusha, Tanzania who called on Kenyans to maintain peace love and unity.

“To Kenyans, let us maintain love for when there is love then peace prevails” said Fr.Msafiri.



PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Fr.Lawrence Mbogo of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru(centre) during a dinner party to mark 25 years of priesthood.

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