Nakuru Politics takes shape with Susan Kihika

Nakuru politics is taking shape, and fast. A new political dispensation is arising and either you’re in or out.
There us no doubt that Nakuru is a Jubilee stronghold. All the aspirants are positioning themselves in Jubilee because they are sure that this is the party that will put them into government.
As a prove of Jubilee’s popularity, we have seen the likes of former Subukia MP Koigi Wamwere ditch his CCM party to join Jubilee.
Jubilee membership is growing fast in Nakuru. The Jubilee support base keeps expanding exponentially, especially through lobby groups.
For many years in the past, women particularly girls in their 20s have not been seen actively participating in politics but all this is changing. Numerous lobby groups have cropped up and are roping in young girls into Jubilee in droves….
But then we have the ingrates, those who expect and want all. The furiously developing changes in the Nakuru political scene have caught them by surprise. They are used to command and have things their way.
In the old political dispensation that can be traced back to the dark days of KANU, their word was law. They boisterous threw their weight around as they claimed to have a large following and pretended to wield immense influence.
Woe unto them. Things have changed quite fast. We now have the majority of Jubilee leadership represented by the youth. They have their own way of doing things, communicating, thinking and making decisions.
In their wisdom and through intelligence gathered from the ground, President Uhuru and DP Ruto made a choice. It was a pronouncement that caught many by surprise and left a number of the ancient characters in shock.
The two acted according to the political changes fast taking shape in Nakuru. With an ear to the ground, they chose Susan Kihika to spearhead the Jubilee Presidential campaign. Not only in Nakuru, but in Laikipia and Baringo too.
In just a period of four years, Susan Kihika has meteorically risen to a position many veterans coveted. But it started earlier than that.
When Susan Kihika returned to serve her country after gaining exposure abroad, few knew her. She may not have gotten what she desired at first but her fighting spirit was not a bit diminished.
Arguably, she is the most discussed politico in Nakuru. She’s an enigma of sorts and she has this ability to leave a lasting impression from a first meeting.
There is no doubt that we are yet to see her unleash her full potential. Those who wish to succeed have no choice but to coalesce around her. You can only ignore her at your own peril as is becoming evident. Those who have tried to fight her or her appointment are fast losing relevance. They are fighting a losing battle that will only leave them in political dustbins.
She has been able to attract many to the party. She elicits excitement and a desire to get involved and there is no doubt she will deliver a resounding victory for Jubilee.
Kihika is not only a campaign leader but the senatorial candidate to beat in Nakuru county. Only with a person with an endless source of energy and drive to keep going can undertake these two battles. But without a doubt, Susan Kihika has the ability not only to pull these off but also to unite the Central Rift residents and to rally them behind Jubilee.
Are you part of the new Nakuru political dispensation?

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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