Nakuru MCAs pass motion compelling investors to open up corridors at Lake Naivasha

The Nakuru county Assembly on Tuesday afternoon passed a motion seeking the county government through the department of Planning, Trade and Tourism to compel hotels and other private investors to open corridors at Lake Naivasha for the public.

The motion was moved by Hon Karanja Mburu of Lake View ward said members of the public are forced to travel more than 30KM to access the lake yet there is an easy avenue of less than 1km which has been blocked by hotels.

“It is high time the county government moved in and cleared the corridors which have been invaded by the ‘private developers” said MCA Mburu.

Majority Leader Hon. Stanly Karanja noted that the lake was a Natural resource which ought to be enjoyed by all members of the public put not specific lot.

Karanja who is also the MCA for Naivasha East said the passage of the motion is paramount as it will ensure access to the Lake Naivasha.

“We have passed a motion that will see hotels and other private investors compelled to open corridors at Lake Naivasha for the public” said MCA Karanja.

The Majority leader in the county assembly of Nakuru also called on Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to move with speed and take up the motion to the senate and ensure it sails through just the same way the Senator has been active on the Solai issue.

He added that the county assembly of Nakuru will not relent in ensuring all corridors at Lake Naivasha are opened for the public.“We are also calling on Senator Nakuru county to ensure the same is taken to Senate and passed.

As Nakuru MCAs we shall not sit back and watch as our people are mistreated” he said.


PHOTO/Hivisasa:Nakuru county assembly.

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