Nakuru MCAs call for more grassroot public sensitization on corona virus

Nakuru County assembly buildings.PHOTO/Courtesy

Nakuru County MCAs have on Tuesday differed with the Executive for not consulting them and also neglecting rural wards in public sensitization concerning measures to avert spread of COVID-19.

The MCAs who resumed a siting on Tuesday morning to discuss the preparedness of the County in terms of the corona virus pandemic argued that the county executive has continued to make drastic changes without consulting them.

Led by Majority Leader Moses Ndung’u, the MCAs said there should be proper consultation between the executive and the county assembly members when it comes to COVID-19.

While citing the recent changes in the market places as well as matatu stages, he said the MCAs are the people on the ground that should be consulted whenever an issue arises adding that there is need for more sensitization.

“There should be more awareness in rural areas.We want to appeal to the County Executive to ensure all measures taken on the COVID-19 that the MCAs are fully involved.” said MCA Ndung’u who also represents the Elementaita Ward.

Similar sentiment echoed by Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who called on the executive to ensure there is established Ward COVID-19 response team to help the citizens understand.

On the Supplementary budget, Dr.Mbae calling for the need to capacity build those who are preparing the budget so that they can be able to factor in what is ailing the citizens at grassroots level during these harsh economic times.

The MCA has also called for the need to have the Community Health Volunteers facilitated with allowances or stipend by National or counties.

This he says will be able to ensure that the CHVs play their critical role in sensitizing the members of the public on COVID-19 and issues on the same.

“We\know the role that is played by the CHVs and a time like this when we have this pandemic it is time that both levels of government step in to ensure their welfare so that they can help in sensitizing the public” said Mbae.

On her part Soin Ward MCA Chebichi expressing her concern that the people at grass root level still lacking information on the COVID-19.

She challenged the county executive to ensure public sensitization and awareness campaigns are done at grass root level

“The county government of Nakuru seems to concentrate on urban towns but neglecting the rural areas. As a county we need to think on how we can create awareness at grass root level. The water services still need to be addressed at grass root level. The National Government is using the administrators to pass their message and it’s high time we get support from the national government on the same” she said.

The Soin Ward MCA decrying the huge burden that they have had to carry with the markets being shut adding that they cannot as MCAs be able to feed the people full time.

“Things are not right and easy for the MCAs who are now to carry the whole burden. People are coming to our doors begging for food and as a simple MCA I cannot feed them for the whole time. Where are the other elected leaders including the President?” she said.

Dundori MCA Michael Machembu on his part calling on the police to restraint form using force during the curfew which he said might lead to more suffering.

The MCA noting that Nakuru is majorly Agricultural area where  majority have gone to seek jobs in urban areas, he proposed that they be restricted from coming back to avert spread of the virus.

He is also appealed to te County government of Nakuru to ensure they support the CHVs.

“This is the time we empower them for they have suffered long.The supplementary budget should consider allowance for them as well as recruiting more so that they can help our people” said Machembu.

Similar sentiments echoed by MCA Jane Wangui from Gilgil.

The MCA while commending the efforts being made by the county response Committee on COVID-19, called for the need to be localized with local leaders being consulted before decision are reached

The team is trying but should be localized to reach out to the grass root wards. Consultations should include leaders at grass root level.

The Gilgil MCA also calling on the County Government to suspend the taxes on business licenses since the businesses are now affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Licenses should be suspended since the businesses are all affected. We are seeking aid from business persons who are already affected and we still want them to pay for licenses” she said.

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