Governor Kinyanjui on spot for turning a deaf ear to matatu operators

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui is on spot over the poor state of the new matatu stages where the PSV were relocated to.

The county government late March this year relocated the PSV vehicles from the Central Business Centre in the name of de-congesting town as well as being in line with the COVID-19 measures.

The new stages include Kwa jack,Ziwani and KFA.

However, four months down the line things are turning out pathetic at the stages with the county government having done nothing at all to ensure condusive atmosphere for the Matatu operations at the new stages.

The poor working environment at the new matatu stages has seen the Matatu Operators raise concerns with the county government of Nakuru.

Through their leadership, the operators have on several occasions sought an audience with Governor Lee Kinyanjui but all seems to fall on deaf ear.

Peter Njui-a senior citizen of Nakuru town says Nakuru is the only town that businesses have been paralyzed.

He faults the county government for not considering the welfare of business persons at the new matatu stages leading to health hazard as there are no sufficient toilets, and lights.

“The governor should be humane enough and listen to the cry of the people” said Njui.

It is for this reason that the operators have now issued a strike notice to all the Town Service saccos.

According to the notice dated July 31, 2020, the town service Matatus will not operate as from Monday 3rd August 2020.

Nakuru Matatu Association Chairman Francis Njoroge.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Addressing media in Nakuru town on Saturday, Nakuru Town Matatu operators Chairman Francis Njoroge alias Njosh maintains that the strike is on.

He says the county government claims to be fighting COVID-19 but the situation at the new matatu stages is shocking.

Njosh refuting sentiments made by Kinyanjui on one of the radio stations that the operators are striking for being told that they are contravening the COVID-19 guidelines.

He says, the real reason behind the strike is due to the condition they are subjected to at the new stages.

“We want to be listened to because if the situation continues this way we are risking our lives, drivers, touts and even the passengers. We have tried to seek audience but the governor has refused to listen to us and that is why we are striking” said Njosh.

Sentiments echoed by Nakuru Town Service Matatus Secretary David Githinji.

Githinji says the Governor should come to the ground and see the situation that the operators are going.

He says the strike is inclusive of business people who are also tired with the situation in Nakuru town.

“Let the governor come down to the common citizen and save the situation” he said.




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