Shock as county uses goons to silence matatu operators

Matatu operators in Nakuru town have faulted the County Government for allegedly hiring goons to disrupt their operations at the new Kwa Jack matatu stage in town.

This coming just a day after the operators withdrew their vehicles from service demonstrating against alleged harassment by the county government.

But after an intervention by Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama, the operators called off their strike at 2.30PM on Monday.

And on Tuesday, the operators were shocked after moving to the stages only to find a group of goons purportedly hired to disrupt their operations.

Nakuru Town Service Matatu Association Chair Francis Njoroge alias Njosh says the youths armed with crude weapons were very categorical that they were hired by authority to disrupt the normal businesses.

“When we asked them why they were there armed with crude weapons, they responded that they were on job and that we should leave them alone” said Njosh.

The Nakuru Town Service Matatu Association Chair while condemning the move taken by County government to use militia to harass Matatu operators, said already three of the goons were arrested and taken to Kaptembwa Police station.

He adds that some of the youths was heard saying, “Yesterday your flag was high, but today it’s ours.”

The operators feel the county is using the goons to intimidate them over their complaints on the poor state of the new matatu stages in Nakuru.

They have also faulted a section of operators who are dining with the County government of Nakuru and are not ready to join in addressing the challenges of the sector.

The operators are now calling on Rift Valley regional Commissioner George Natembeya to intervene and ensure the activities of militia groups within the new stages is addressed.

“We now want Natembeya to step in and address this situation because there is no way the operations of the stages can be run by goons” said Njosh.


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