Nakuru leaders call for unity as they lead residents in marking 56th Jamhuri Day

Residents of Nakuru East and Nakuru West sub-counties joined Kenyans in marking the 56th Jamhuri Day at Kapkures grounds in Nakuru West with calls for peace and cohesion.

Addressing residents, Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui refuted claims that criminal gangs in Nakuru are due to unemployment among youths.

He said such cannot be an excuse yet there are numerous companies opened up in the area where youths can seek jobs. He urged youths to make good use of the opportunities among them the newly opened investment companies in Nakuru.

While sounding a Stern warning to criminal gangs in Nakuru County, the CC tasked County Commander to ensure strict patrols and arrest of those causing disturbances during this festive season.

“We will not allow criminals and organized gangs 9n Nakuru in the name of unemployment among youths,” said Mbui.

The administrator also calling on parents to play their role in parenting.

He urged security officers to ensure the arrest of parents who allow their school-going children to visit clubs and illicit brew dens.

“I call on the County Commander to ensure the arrest of parents who fail to take seriously their responsibilities of parenting,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents have been urged to ensure that they communicate with the Security Committee at the county level on matters security. Sentiments echoed by Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui who slammed those interfering with security matters.

He stated that in line with Devolution, the national celebrations will be held on rotational in various sub-counties. Kinyanjui also taking issue with a section of leaders who are focusing on 2022 politics rather than development agenda.

“Matters security will be taken seriously in this county. There are those who are busy with a prophecy about 2022. Please let us focus on development and when 2022 comes we shall talk politics” he said.

Nakuru County assembly speaker Joel Maina Kairu who addressed during the celebrations on his part clarifying that no law shall be passed at the assembly without subjecting to public participation.

He also appealed to all elected leaders to ensure unity and development of the people.

“We have seen development in Nakuru West because of a focused leader and that is the way to go as leaders. We need to shun divisive politics” said Kairu.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama reiterated the need for a peaceful working relationship among leaders.

He maintained that as a leader he shall continue to work with like-minded leaders both nationally and at the county level to ensure service delivery.

“We have no time for politics of division. As leaders we need to work together towards service delivery” said Arama.

Matters of security, the MP stated that already the established Kaptembwa, the Police station will help address the same. He urged residents to shun divisive and hatred utterances on social media platforms.

“We have people who are Keen on hatred and tribal utterances on social media which does not help,” said Arama.

Meanwhile, the MP has assured locals that the proposed construction of Hospital at Kapkures grounds will be met.

He revealed that there had been a conflict on the ground but through public participation, the process will go on.

“Let me assure you today that the matter of hospital in this area will be addressed,” he said.

Matters BBI report was not spared either with the MP slamming those who have no respect for the presidency.

According to the legislator, the President’s stand is very clear on BBI and that is what should be followed.

He urged leaders to shelve 2022 ambitions and focus on development.

“It pities me when we see some leaders having no respect for others just because of BBI. Let us focus on development and the rest will follow” he said.

Nakuru County Women Caucus Chair Ms Kezziah Akinyi revealing that they will be tabling a document concerning the challenges women are going through in Nakuru She noted that the Caucus has commenced collection of views from across the county.

“We are going around collecting views on the problems women are encountering and we shall be tabling a document on the same,” said Kezziah.

Simon Ole Nasieku representing the minority groups calling on the county government to ensure the implementation committee plays its role.

He said that is the only way to ensure that the projects are implemented.

Nasieku also calling on the two arms of the county government of Nakuru to ensure public participation before any project is rolled out.

“Let us ensure the county implementation committee is working to ensure service delivery,” said Nasieku.

The celebrations were also attended by Nakuru county Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir, County Secretary Njoroge Gichui, CECMs and MCAs among other leaders. Similar celebrations were also held in Nakuru’s 9 other sub-counties.

PHOTO/ Pristone Mambili: Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and County Commissioner Erastus Mbui among other leaders during this year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations at Kapkures grounds in Nakuru West sub-county.