Nakuru journalists in uproar after colleague threatened by police

Journalists in Nakuru have this afternoon congregated at Bondeni police Station in Nakuru after one of their own was allegedly threatened by a police officer.

The journalist who works with a local religious radio station faced the threats through his wife from a person she identified as a police officer.

“The police officer whom I know as Mr. Kimotho came to the place where we leave and demanded to know whether my husband was home,” reported the wife to the journalist.

“When I told the officer that my husband was yet to get home he left a message with me,” she added.

“Tell him we’ll act a movie with him. And we’ll see who emerges the winner,” the police officer had threatened.

The threats to the journalist are suspected to be connected to a story he had ran in the media. A few weeks back, the veteran journalist had ran a story about a suspect who had faced torture at the hands of the police.

Hello colleagues. After running a story where OCS Bondeni in Nakuru harassed a 24 years man by “castrating” him, yesterday, Sunday, a police officer attached to Bondeni police threatened my wife where I reside at around 8.45 pm and told her that he is going to act a movie with me and see who emerges the star. This happened when i was at work,” the journalist had reported.

“I will be escorting my wife in recording statement at Nakuru Central Police station at 3PM” added the journalist.

The journalist added that the incidence had affected both his and the wife’s lives greatly. He was joined by fellow journalists and human rights defenders to Central police station where they met the OCPD. After consultations, the OCPD had referred the complainants to Bondeni Police Station to report the incidence there.

Some of the Nakuru journalists at Bondeni police station


“We are sure the threats upon the journalist are as a result of the torture story he ran. As human rights defenders, we expect the police to act and take appropriate action against the accused police officer who was sent by the perpetrator who happens to be the OCS himself,” said Masese Kemunche a human rights defender. Masese works with the Centre for Development and Good Governance (CEDGG) which is an NGO in Nakuru.

Other Civil Rights groups represented were Mifrift Humana Rights Network which was represented by its CEO Mr. Joseph Omondi. Mr. David Kuria another human rights defender represented the Nakuru Human Rights Network.

The journalist and his wife have both recorded statements with the police.

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  1. Anonymous

    it’s a shame that some police officers have resulted in such kind of intimidation and threats after the public have reported being harassed by the same people who are supposed to protect them.

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