Nakuru hotels biggest causality of COVID-19 reality checks in

Hotels within Nakuru County are staring at an option of sending home majority of their staff as a result of diminishing business due to the Corona virus outbreak across the country.

Majority of the hotels which rely on workshops,seminars,travelers and tourists to generate revenue are now deserted with some have no single occupant.

Even though most of the hotels have taken measures and precaution to fight the corona virus, some have started asking their staff to go home and wait for further instructions.

Mr. Benson Mwangi Wangai, Director Royal Springs limited said that since the confirmation of the first positive corona virus case in the country, his hotels have remain deserted only recording two visitors in the past one week.

“Some of us have no otherwise than to tell our staff to go home and wait for directions,” he said.

The hotel owners want the County government of Nakuru, to review the bed occupancy levy  where hotels are required to pay Sh 25 per bed whether occupied or not.

He noted that the bed occupancy levy will be a big burden to hotel owners ta this time they are feeling the economic pinch of the corona virus pandemic.

Majority of the hotels around Nakuru town have remained with a lean staff while others have reduced staff salaries by half.



Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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