Nakuru History

Nakuru Town was founded in 1904 after the Kenya Uganda railway reached here. Over the years, the town has had a rich history. On this page, we capture some of the historic events that have happened in Nakuru. We also include birthdays and deaths of some Nakuru Historical figures who have walked the path, left a mark and made Nakuru what it is today.

Nakuru County at large also has an interesting history. We’re determined to capture all the details and with your support, we shall have a lot documented by and by.

At Famous Nakuru, it is our belief that Nakuru History and the Historical events will be of interest to anyone interested in Nakuru. If there is some historical event we’ve not captured, feel free to leave it in the comments section below and we shall update it.

Nakuru Anniversaries

Anniversaries of Famous Nakuru People

Explore Nakuru History

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