Nakuru Governor cautions Kenyans against reluctant behavior in COVID-19 war

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has decried what he terms as a reluctant behaviour by Kenyans in taking serious the instructions being given by the government in the fight against corona virus.

Addressing the media in Nakuru, Kinyanjui said that lack of seriousness among Kenyans in combating the spread of the virus might end up being disastrous.

He spoke as Nakuru reported two COVID-19 positive cases after two patients who had been quarantined turned positive.

Kinyanjui observed that majority of Kenyans were ignoring the social distancing requirement especially during day time.

He noted that people were simply going on with their daily chores as if everything was okay.

At the same time he warned that the country might not be able to handle the situation should the government fail to put a lock-down in place as soon as possible.

According to Governor Lee, the country can manage a lock-down since 70% of the Kenyan population is in rural areas.

The Governor said that it would be better for the country to deal with the effects of hunger that might result from a lock down as opposed to dealing with disastrous effects of COVID-19.

He challenged the government to ban travel by people across the country as one way of containing the situation.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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