Nakuru Flower Farm on spot for not paying workers

There were fracas at the Eco Roses Limited Flower Farm in Mosop ward of Rongai Sub County as over 2000 workers downed their tools over what they termed is mistreatment by the management.

The irate workers of the former Fontana Flower Farm claimed the management had failed to pay them their 2 months salary with some workers only having received kshs.2000.

There was even more drama at the entrance to the Flower farm when members of the press arrived but were denied entry into the farm.

A similar case was for one official from the Workers Union who was also denied entry into the farm even as the workers demanded that the official plus media be allowed in.

After moment of consultations, the management allowed media entry into the farm.

Addressing media, the workers stated that the working conditions in the firm were unbearable and called on the Workers Unions to come to their rescue.

They added that the management has been deducting some money from their salaries without explanation with the only excuse being absenteeism.

“We have problems with the management as workers and we are calling on our leaders and the government to come in and assist us” they said.

The fracas saw an impromptu crisis meeting by top management, area OCS and area MCA Daniel Mutai among others.

Addressing media after the closed door meeting the area MCA admitted that indeed there has been a problem with the management as far as transition is concerned.

He added that the crisis has been occasioned by the fact that there was the transition from Fontana to the current Eco Roses Limited which has led to the discrepancies in the workers’ pay slips.

He called on the workers to be calm as the matter was being addressed to find amicable lasting solution.

“The strike has been occasioned by the issue of transition which led to some errors in the pay slips and we are calling on the management and unionists to sit down and see to that the matter are addressed” said the area MCA.

Attempts to speak to the top management of the firm over the same were futile as one official was categorical and rudely that media were not called in the firm and therefore they had no time with us.

Several flower farms in Njoro, Molo and even Naivasha have been on spot for mistreating workers.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Workers demonstrating at the Eco Roses Limited Flower Farm in Mosop ward of Rongai Sub County.