Nakuru Farmers cry to Uhuru over harsh economy

Farmers in Bahati sub county of Nakuru are decrying the 16% VAT imposed on fuel that has led to the harsh economy due to increased price of farm inputs.

Addressing media at Bahati’s Maili Kumi market, the farmers led by Mr. George Gatiba said the harsh economy has nothing for them to benefit from their farms as inputs are expensive and they might opt to shun farming if the government does not step.

“Prices of all farm inputs have gone up and we are now left to suffer. We are just calling on the government to think of our welfare as farmers” said Mr.Gatiba.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mrs. Elizabeth Wangari who runs a small grocery at Maili Kumi trading centre.

According to Wangari, their only hope is for the government to lower the tax imposed on basic commodities as it is a big blow to small business persons like her.

“Our cry to President Uhuru Kenyatta to look at the welfare of the common citizens like us who are now facing the harsh economy” said Mrs.Wangari.

At the same centre, Mrs.Petronila Wawira who runs Smart Farm agrovet says the high fule prices have not affected the transport industry but all business person including her.Ms Wawira whose most customers are farmers in Bahati and surroundings says her business has been negatively hit by the 16% VAT on fuel as she is counting more loss unlike before when she used to make profit.

“As business persons dealing in agrovet we are also hit negatively with the high cost of fuel as every farm input has risen in price and customers who don’t have money are now keeping off” said Ms Wawira.

Speaking at a function in Bahati, Nakuru Woman Rep Liza Chelule and her Kericho counterpart Florence Bore while admitting that the 16% VAT on fuel had affected the common citizens called on Kenyans to be patient as the matter is being addressed by the top leadership.

They two leaders stating theta they are optimistic that a lasting solution will be found concerning the high fuel prices that affected the common citizens in a very bad way.

According to MP Chelule, high prices of fuel have a negative impact on almost all the commodities hence cannot be taken lightly.

“It is true that the high fuel prices have a negative impact on almost all the commodities but I am optimistic that the issue will be solved since we have seen the top leadership of the country engaging in talks over the same” said Chelule.

Sentiments echoed by Kericho Woman Rep Florence Bore who revealed that indeed Deputy President William Ruto had engaged other leaders in discussion on the same with an aim of finding a solution to the high cost of living that is affecting Kenyans.

The Kericho MP calling on Kenyans to be patient with the government of the day since talks are underway to ensure no more suffering of the common citizens.

“We know the fuel prices have gone up but we are happy that talks are underway, so we are just calling on Kenyans to be patient with the government as this is being sorted out” said MP Bore.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Mrs. Elizabeth Wangari addressing media at her small grocery at Maili Kumi trading centre in Bahati Nakuru.

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