Nakuru County can rise again – Crispus Wathimba

Nakuru was well represented at the Jubilee National Rally held yesterday in Nairobi by Hon. Susan Kihika, once again just like her late dad, Madam Susan has earned her place at the high table of Kenya National Politics and Nakuru County will benefit greatly going forward.
This is a step in the right direction, we residents of Nakuru should give support to Senator Susan Kihika and other such like minded and visionary elected leaders in their quest to take #NakuruForward.

The agenda #NakuruRising will only be realised if we work together as a team and be open and willing to embrace each other progressive ideas and aspirations on social transformation and economic growth for our County.
Our leaders should restrain their personal aides, operatives and or functionaries from engaging in retrogressive, “imaginary squabbles” and “misplaced supremacy” battles, but should rather encourage or assign them duties and responsibilities in their respective offices or areas of representation.
Meanwhile, I support Susan Kihika leadership goals and aspirations for Nakuru County and I wish her well in her efforts.
Did you know that the recent plastic ban was a cause championed by a young professional photographer and environmentalist James Wakibia from Nakuru, if it were NOT for the support she gave him probably he would have given up, I urge all our elected leaders to support those of us who are willing and ready to work for betterment of Nakuru and its future and not those who thrive in self-destructive political fights and intrigues.
It important as well that they concentrate all their efforts and energy to the work ahead which is clearly cut out. The county government will receive in excess of Kshs 50 Billion from Treasury over the next 5 years if the NG-CDF Act remains unchallenged in court each constituency will receive not less than 400 Million which is about Kshs 4.4.Billion for the entire county which has 11constituencies.
With this kind of funds and other allocated by the National Government and Donor Agencies for Key projects and programmes, our leaders have more than enough to deliver tangible social and economic development for our county over the next 5yrs.
The people are supreme, the only supremacy battle we should have is one between leaders and the challenges we face: unemployment, poverty, health, food insecurity, poor infrastructure and environmental degradation.
Elected leaders work together over the next 5yrs and prove that we the people made the right choice by electing you …..

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