Nakuru deserves share in National Government appointments

In less than 24 hours, Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn in as President of Kenya to serve his second term.
First and Foremost, I congratulate the President and deputy President on their re-election.
I also wish them the very best as they prepare to take their oath of services to the people of Kenya. It my wish and prayer that God will give them the strength, wisdom and temperament to complete this second.
As the President prepares to form his next government, I would like to remind him that Nakuru County gave him the third highest votes per county in the entire republic. We also hosted some of the major National Meetings for the Jubilee Party campaigns that anchored and shaped his successful re-election, as well as made huge sacrifices including the unfortunate loss of life. We therefore don’t expect him and his deputy to forget our contribution towards their re-election.

Nakuru County overwhelmingly voted for UhuRuto
Nakuru County overwhelmingly voted for UhuRuto

In the new and expanded government that they’ll be forming soon, it’s my humble prayer and hope that they will include in the team, an indigenous resident(s) of Nakuru who will feature prominently in some of key executive and non-executive appointments that will be made.
For clarity sake, an appointee who hails from Central Kenya or North Rift doesn’t in anyway represent Nakuru. We may share certain names but our county can and should be represented by our very own son or daughter irrespective of his or her ethnic background.
Our elected leaders under the stewardship of Governor Lee Kinyanjui and Senator Susan Kihika can now prove to us how much is the worth and value of our support to the Jubilee Party.  There comes a time when the interests of the County are more important than those of an individual and this is that time.
To all Nakuru County residents, our county and especially towns such as Naivasha, Gilgil, Nakuru and Molo hold great promise for economic growth if the political and regulatory environment is improved by both our elected leaders and ourselves. I therefore call upon for your active participation in public consultative forums and debates so that your voice can be heard.
Lastly for those who will be privileged and honoured with an appointment to serve in the Public Sector don’t forget that you serve country first and county second, as our “ambassador” to Kenya from Nakuru we shall expect you to represent us well at all times, market the Nakuru Brand and encourage investments into our county from both the Public and Private sector.

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