Nakuru County to re-advertise for County Policing Authority- Hari Gakinya

Nakuru Cougakinyanty will re-advertise positions for members of the County Policing Authority (CPA) which will be constituted before the end of the year.

This was revealed by the Nakuru County legal advisor Mr. Hari Gakinya who also revealed that the county is yet to come up with a policy for role of the CPA.
“We have been forced to re-advertise the positions because from our last advert we received submissions from only three people all from one tribe and from the same ward in Nakuru East sub-county. We felt this was not inclusive and that’s why we decided to redo the exercise,” explained the legal advisor.
Hari was talking during a Prevention of Urban Violence in Nakuru Municipality (Pilot Project) Evaluation workshop held at Waterbuck Hotel on Friday. The workshop was organized by Midrift Human Rights Network in collaboration with the Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU) and with support from DIGNITY (Danish Institute Against Torture).
The county attorney also revealed that the county is coming up with a curriculum to train County Askaris before deploying them.
“In the past we have just been recruiting people, giving them a uniform and sending them out without any training. We are now coming up with a way to train them on human relations and basic human rights before sending them out,” said Hari.

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