Nakuru County Theatre Groups Benefit from County Theatre Fiesta

Nakuru County, in partnership with the National Government and private sector stakeholders, has embarked on a transformative journey to empower selected theatre companies from the region. This groundbreaking initiative, known as the ‘County Theatre Fiesta,’ spans over two months and aims to invigorate the local theatre scene.

Mr. Erick Muriuki, Nakuru County Culture Officer, expressed his appreciation for the County Government’s dedication to nurturing the creative industry. He highlighted the initiative’s timeliness, coinciding with Nakuru County’s initial steps in formulating cultural and creative policies to further enrich this sector.

Lucy Karaya, Communication Officer at the Kenya Cultural Centre (KCC- NT), shared insights into the program’s holistic approach to talent development within the theatre industry. Karaya revealed that the agency has enlisted seasoned theatre experts to impart comprehensive training to participants. This multifaceted training covers crucial elements of theatre production, including scripting, directing, acting, marketing, publicity, theatre lighting and sound, stage management, production design, and producing.

Nakuru County Theatre Fiesta

Nakuru County Theatre Fiesta

This collaborative endeavor extends beyond government entities and includes esteemed partners such as the Kenya National Theatre, the Kenya International Theatre Festival, the American Corner, and the Nakuru Players Theatre, among others. Spanning six counties, this program aligns seamlessly with the National Government’s Talanta Hela Initiative, overseen by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts, and Sports.

The ‘County Theatre Fiesta’ represents a significant leap toward nurturing local talent and cultivating a thriving theatre culture in Nakuru County. Through this collaborative effort, participants are poised to acquire invaluable skills and insights that will not only elevate their craft but also contribute to the overall growth of the creative industry in the region. Join us on this exciting journey of artistic enrichment and empowerment in Nakuru County.

Martin Gichinga
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