Nakuru County partners with Kabarak University in developing arts

The County Government of Nakuru is set to sign a memorandum of understanding with Kabarak University with a view to refocusing music and other performing arts for sustainable development.

Under the partnership deal, the university’s School of Music and Performing Arts and the Nakuru Players’ Theatre will work closely in nurturing talent and knowledge sharing with the county’s youth.

The Kabarak University is the only institution in the country certified to teach music and performing arts to the doctorate level.

At the same time, the Permanent Presidential Music Commission has partnered with Nakuru County to set up a Talent Centre in the county.

County Executive Committee Member for Education Mr Raymond Komen said the County is working to see a well refurbished and equipped players’ theatre to accommodate all arts and theatre aspects.

Mr Komen was speaking during the closing ceremony of the Kabarak University international conference on Music and other arts at the institution’s amphitheater.

“ Nakuru has talent in the performing but what lacks is the entrepreneurship aspect of sustainable development” he said.

The PPMC director Dr Donald Otoyo said the talent centre will be first outside Nairobi and will go a long way in helping budding artists realize their potential.

Nakuru has produced leading musicians and comedians gracing local and international stage such as Prof Harmo, Simor Music, DJ Shiti, Uprising Comedians, Kaka Bweha, Babushee among many others.

Gender, Culture and Social Services Chief Officer Ms Abduba Tume said the collaboration will open up more entertainment tourism destinations with the I creased live stage performances at the Nakuru Players’ Theatre and Kabarak University.

MS Tume said the School of Music and Performing Arts will help in managing and equipping the theatre owing to experience and knowledge in the music and arts field.

Kabarak University deputy vice-chancellor – Academics and Research Prof John Ocholla called on all stakeholders to work together in conserving and promoting culture through music and other genres of art.Speaking during the international youth week celebrations in Nakuru County mid this year, Governor Lee Kinyanjui, said the county is resolved on increasing youth resource centres.

Besides arts and music, the centres will also teach the youth in the county how to successfully apply for tenders with the government.

In a move to empower local youths and promote talent, the County Government of Nakuru has resolved to be hiring the services of local artists in all its events and branding activities.

Others present at the ceremony were County Director of Culture Alice Gekonde, Kabarak DVC- Research and Academics Prof John Ocholla, Prof Alain Barker and Prof Kimberly Carballo from the Jacob’s School of Music – Indiana University among others.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kabarak University DVC Professor John Ocholla and Nakuru County minister for Education, ICT and e-Government Mr Raymond follow performances at Kabarak University.

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