Nakuru county lacks corruption prevention frameworks,EACC report reveals

A new report released by Ethics and anti corruption commission-EACC reveals that Nakuru County Executive lacks governance instruments and corruption prevention frameworks.

The report which is a culmination of corruption risk assessment carried out between 26th June- August 2017 recommends a need for revenue mapping as far as financial management is concerned at the county level with formation of internal audit committee.

This even as the EACC received 371 reports touching on Nakuru county government, 168 of which were received in 2017,172 in 2016 and 131 in 2015.

The majority of the reports were on bribery procurement irregularities, fraudulent acquisition and disposal of public property and abuse of office among others.

Speaking on Monday during the presentation of the report to the county government of Nakuru, EACC Chair Dr.Eliud Wabukala called on the county government of Nakuru to work closely with the assembly and EACC in ensuring corruption cases are dealt with through right mechanisms in place.

While noting that devolution was key, Dr.Wabukala stated that the only way service delivery can be better if every county official play their role of sealing all the loopholes of corruption.“The Nakuru county new leadership should work in partnership to ensure the report is implemented and to avoid a repeat of the mistakes of the past regime.

Corruption is matter for all of us to take responsibility to seal all the loopholes” he said.

Dr.Wabukala added that the key agenda in counties should be safeguarding resources for the betterment of the lives of Nakuru people and that those who go against such should face the long arm of the law.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui who officially received the report reiterated the commitment of his government in ensuring the implementation of the same.

While assuring public that the executive will work closely with the assembly on the same, the county CEO added that a committee will be formed sooner to look into the report technically.

“I want to assure the public that we welcome the report and we shall do all we can to ensure that it is implemented.

I call upon all the stakeholders to come together to ensure success implementation of the report “ he said.

On his part Nakuru Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir said the report was paramount at the start of the second government of Nakuru under devolved system.

“The report comes at a time when we are starting as the second government of Nakuru county and it is my prayer that we shall learn and not repeat the same mistakes as the former government” said Dr.Korir.

Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru County assembly speaker Eng.Joel Maina Kairo who stated that the assembly will work closely with EACC to ensure the implementation of the report.

The EACC through the report recommends strict adherence to the procurement rules and regulations to ensure eligibility of contractors.

The report further cites instances where the law was not followed as far as human resource management is concerned.“In Human Resource Management, it was noted that payroll reconciliations are not undertaken and casuals are regularly engaged.

In the case of payroll reconciliations anomalies, it was noted for instance that in November 2016, the total wage bill was Kshs.364, 009,281.58 whereas in December of the same year the wage bill amounted to Kshs.294846364.99 hence a huge difference of Kshs.69, 162,916.59 which was not reconciled to determine the cause of the variance” read part of the report.

According to the report, similar was witnessed in the county assembly where the assembly has not embraced vote control procedures and mortgage and car loan processing for MCAs with due diligence.The assembly is further faulted for not adhering to the prescribed procurement thresholds and bidders not notified of evaluation criteria.

“For instance, according to a schedule for cash imprest for the financial year 2016-2017, amounting to Kshs.689, 000.00 to refurbish the cafeteria…”read part of the report.

According to EACC,Nakuru county is expected to submit implementation plan to the commission within a period of one month after the reception of the report that will help monitoring of the implementation process.




PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:EACC chair Dr.Eliud Wabukala and other officials as well Nakuru county leadership during the handing over of corruption risk assessment report.

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