Nakuru college to adopt online learning in post Covid-19 strategy

The Rift Valley institute of business studies is considering online learning and teaching as an option post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Director of the Nakuru based college John Kimemia, says that going forward they will have to conduct some of their classes via the online platform as a way of conforming with the corona virus prevention requirements.

He said that as a college they have for the past three years had the platform of online learning but they hadn’t launched it fully but with the COVID-19 pandemic they have been forced to adopt it.

Kimemia said that online learning will help the college in dealing with the issue of overcrowding within lecture halls

Currently almost 75% of the college’s students are actively participating in the online classes.

He noted that going forward learning institutions in the country will have no otherwise than to embrace technology because the corona virus might be around for long.

“Both students and even teachers across the country will be forced to get used to various technological ways of doing things including online learning because that is the way to go,” he said.

At the same time the college has waived the April and May fees for students as a way of cushioning them against the economic effects of COIVD-19

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