What Nakuru City can learn from Kigali, Rwanda

The County Government of Nakuru should seek inspiration from the Transformational leadership of the Rwanda Government on many areas. Key among them as Nakuru City approaches becoming a reality are; Protection and Management of our Environment, Conference & Eco-Tourism, Urban Planning and Provision of Low Cost Housing.
These are images of things that are happening in Kigali and other parts of Rwanda, we can do it also in Nakuru but we must be committed to the work ahead.
Kigali, where Nakuru City can learn from

Nakuru town will soon attain city status, it would be unfortunate if this elevation leads to some areas turning into slums and other informal housing settlements that are characterized with extreme social and environmental challenges such as criminality and poor hygiene.
As we welcome this proposition that will elevate Nakuru town’s position, let us do with a sense of responsibility and pro-action by ensuring that we put in place the pre-requisite by-laws, appropriate spatial plans as well as invest in the necessary infrastructure to make the dream of NAKURU City attractive.
The dream of Nakuru City is valid and I hope the current governor and his administration will keep this dream alive by building the foundation for a beautiful city worth working and living in.
Nakuru City modelled around the values and concepts of Kigali City has the potential to provide a much better work and live experience than Nairobi.
Crispus Wathimba
Crispus Wathimba

Our county is endowed with a Large cosmopolitan population, adequate land for farming, industries, housing and transport infrastructure, cheap source of energy, amazing tourist sites, good weather and significant forest cover.
All these factors mentioned above make Nakuru County one of the prime investment destinations in Kenya and making Nakuru town a CITY will make it the only destination of choice.
I call upon the leadership, professionals and business community and residents of Nakuru, to work together in making the dream city a reality. Let us all join hands and make our city to be, the best place to work and live in Kenya.

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