Nakuru Children Homes’ Initiative members oppose Children’s Amendment Bill 2018

Nakuru Children Homes’ Initiative-NAKCHI members have raised their concerns on the miscellaneous Children’s Amendment Bill 2018 saying it will have negative impact on children.

According to NAKCHI members, the Bill that is before parliament seeks to legitimize, autonomies and make Child Welfare Society all powerful, self-regulating an independent children agency at the expense of other stakeholders yet there is no evident record to prove their capability to shoulder the mandate being vested on it by the Bill.

While citing the major role played by private institutions and NGOs in taking care of the vulnerable children in society, Nakuru Children Homes’ Initiative members led by Pastor Michael Sasi are calling on the Government and legislators to do consultations concerning the Bill before it is passed.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Monday morning, the members said the Bill is a direct threat to the fate of thousands of children who seek solace and refuge in these institutions.

“The continued prevalence of children who are homeless is a clear signal that there is need for concerted effort aimed at seeking a lasting solution to this challenge. We therefore call on MPs to take time and consult with the stakeholders as a matter of urgency and also treat this matter with gravity it deserves as it concerns the future of many vulnerable children” said Pastor Sasi.

He called on the MPs to pay keen attention to the petition that was presented in the house and undertake the necessary amendments in the best interest of the child and not of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya.

Sentiments echoed Mr. Moses Kombo- who is the coordinator Nakuru Children Homes’ Initiative.

The coordinator raising concerns over the move by the government not to renew certificates of operation for many children’s homes in the country.

He said that is an indicator that the government is about to close down the homes-an issue he says will affect many children.

“You cannot take these children and put them in one program either adoption or fostering care since the children have different needs. Secondly the government has failed to renew certificates of many Children Homes which means they want them shut. The question is where will all those children go?” asked Kombo.

Similar sentiments echoed by Apostle Ngao and Mrs. Lucy Njenga-all calling for consultations concerning the Bill to avert hurting innocent children.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Members of the Nakuru Nakuru Children Homes’ Initiative addressing media in Nakuru on the the miscellaneous Children’s Amendment Bill 2018.

Pristone Mambili

A freelance Journalist with experience in Radio and online news writing.