Nakuru-based Journalist uses power of language to express his message in marking his Birthday

They say language is an art and has power and it only depends on how you use it.

Perhaps this is the understanding that Nakuru-based Journalist Joseph Kiprotich Kipsang had in expressing a message on his Facebook page on this important day that he is marking his Birthday.

In what looked like a mustered way of using language, Kipsang joted down a very powerful message.

In the message, he gives audience the scenario around his birth.

Through a great descriptive language, Kipsang reveals that he was born in a small hilly village in Baringo Central.

He goes further to give us the reason why he was named ‘Kiprotich’.

Since he was born when cows were returning home from the grazing fields, the culture has it that he has to be named Kiprotich.

Three years after his birth, he would then be baptized Joseph.

“Once upon a time, not too far but not too close either… On a day much like today, the 12th of March, in a small, hilly village nestled in Baringo Central. As the cows were being brought back home from the vast savannah grazing fields for their evening milking, the Kipngochoch Hills were engulfed in clouds, and there was a heavy downpour. In this moment, God blessed Mr. and Mrs. Kipsang with a lively baby boy. They named him Kiprotich, which means cattle returning from pasture. Three years later, he was baptized Joseph,” he wrote.

The scribe now working with re-known mainstream media house in Nakuru believes in hardwork with a focus on his work.

When in the field, you will rarely see him create havoc, for he believes journalism is a community that has cardinal role of ensuring cohesiveness.

As he marks his birthday today, wishes Joseph Kiprotich Kipsang a fruitful day and more years of God’s blessings.

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