Mwai Kibaki’s multibillion project to spur growth in Bahati, Nakuru

Former President Mwai Kibaki is set to make what could be one of the largest investments in Nakuru County yet.

The third president of Kenya touted for spurring the country to unprecedented economic growth. He will be putting up a mega investment on a piece of land he owns in Bahati Constituency, Nakuru County.

The 692-acre Gingalili Farm lies 15 KMs from Nakuru Town between Maili Saba and Maili Tisa (Ahero) centres along the Nakuru-Nyahururu road. For many years, it has been known for cattle, stone quarrying, wheat farming and a dam that has over the years claimed several lives.

History has it that the farm that borders the famous Menengai Crater once belonged to independent Kenya’s first Cabinet Minister for Agriculture, Bruce Mackenzie.

The highlight of the investment by the former President Mwai Kibaki will be a luxurious five-star hotel. The promoters of the investment project say it is informed by the heightened global interest in the long-forgotten crater that last experienced a volcanic explosion 8,000 years ago.

Menengai Crater which is currently being exploited for Geothermal power production is a popular tourist attraction site with locals and foreigners. The geothermal field is expected to produce 100MW of electricity once complete. Locals, however, feel that the full potential of the dormant caldera as a tourist attraction has not been fully exploited.

In addition to the 5-star hotel, the investment will also include educational institutions, low, medium and high-income residential units as well as a commercial centre. The development will be on both sides of the road that cuts through the property. This will change the whole place into a mini city.

In this regard, the National Environmental Authority (NEMA) earlier this week invited area residents to submit their views within the next 30 days. Their views will help in making the decision on whether or not to allow the implementation of the project.

The project will be a big boost to the area and is set spur growth in the area. The Maili Saba centre that has always been dormant for years on end is set to be one of the beneficiaries. It will also create lots of job opportunities for locals and open up the crater further for the tourist industry.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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