Mututho welcomes directive on closure of bars but calls for ‘alcohol withdrawal’ address

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho addressing media at his Jomec Rehab. [Source/Pristone Mambili]
Former Nacada Boss John Mututho has welcomed the directive on closure of all bars in the Rift valley region but with a call on government to ensure the real alcohol addicts are assisted.

Addressing media in Nakuru just a day after the Rift valley regional COVID-19  response team led by Regional Commissioner George Natembeya issued the directive, Mututho says the move is in order but might lead to more death.

He says the alcohol addicts should be assisted through special drugs that can help them withdraw gradually.

According to the former Nacada boss who is known for the ‘Mututho laws’ when it comes to alcohol, the addicts if not taken through such process then several deaths may occur due to withdrawal syndrome.

It is for this reason that he has appealed to the governors and the national government to ensure even as they direct the closure of bars, they consider helping the alcohol addicts rather than leaving them to death.

He says the same can be handled by Nacada which he says has the power through the regional offices.

“I support the closure of bars but my appeal is to the governors that let us help the alcohol addicts lest we lose them” said Mututho.

It should be noted if an individual drinks alcohol heavily for weeks, months, or years, the person may have both mental and physical problems when stopped or seriously cut back on how much they drink.

This is called alcohol withdrawal. Symptoms can range from mild to serious.

If you drink only once in a while, it’s unlikely that you’ll have withdrawal symptoms when you stop.

But if you’ve gone through alcohol withdrawal once, you’re more likely to go through it again the next time you call it quits.



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