Mututho vows to ensure better public policies to empower locals

Former Nacada boss and Nakuru ODM Senatorial Candidate  John Mututho has vowed to ensure better public policies are in place for empowerment of locals especially those who feel are on the peripheral end of development cycle.

Speaking during several political rallies in Nakuru county where he engaged locals in various issues, Mututho said if elected Senator he will fight to ensure equality in resource allocation and socio-economic development.

“I am more concerned about the recklessness of public policies that aren’t helpful to our people as they ought to” he stated.

Mututho who once served as Naivasha MP was categorical that his record and way of articulating key issue touching on common citizens speaks in large volume with over 3300 records in the Hansard of the 10th Parliament.

He revealed that during his tenure as MP for Naivasha, he was never booed or shouted at on the Floor of the House as everyone resonated with what he was saying.

While calling on Nakuru Residents to vote him in as the next Senator in the August 9 polls, Mututho said time is now to end th issue of marginalization.

“I was the best debater on issues touching on Kenyans because I believe we can no longer endanger people’s lives by letting them remain marginalized forever” he said.

Mututho who is also the proprietor of John Mututho Empowerment Centre in Nakuru’s Pipeline estate says Nakuru county needs a strong, fearless Senator of his calibre who will advance the agenda of those who are rarely invited to ‘the table’.

He is also rooting for weekly stimulus package for vulnerable women who cannot afford to raise their children due to harsh economic times.

“The County Government has many kitties that I will follow-up to make sure every cent is accounted for” he said.


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