Mututho slams MPs over ‘eating’ mentality

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has slammed MPs over what he termed is ‘time to eat’ mentality.

Mututho regretted that majority of those elected are thinking about their own interests rather than that of electorates.

While referring to the ongoing push and pull among Legislastors on the Political parties Bill 2021, the formers Naivasha Legislator was categorical that majority of the MPs are not focused to have a sobre debate on the same.

Addressing journalists at his JOMEC rehabilitation center in Nakuru East sub county, Mututho urged Kenyans to vet leaders before electing them.

According to him, it is so shameful for members of Parliament to engage in physical fight rather than engaging in constructive debates on the floor of the House.

His sentiments come at a time when National Assembly Speaker Justin Mutura recalled MPs for special sitting to liberate on the Political parties Bill.

“Kenyans should now watch out and vote out these leaders who are not focused on uplifting the lives of the common citizens.They are just there to eat rather debating issues touching on Kenyans” he said.

Mututho who has shown interest in the Nakuru Gubernatorial seat come August, revealed that he will be unveiling a new party.

According to him, after official launch, any like-minded Kenyans who want to be elected in various Political positions will be free to join the new formation.

“I will be launching a new political party that will help the common citizens who have no one to defend them.I welcome MCAs,MPs and anyone who wants to help bring sanity into political space” said Mututho.

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