Mututho slams at Lee for behaving like a ‘bad boy’

Former Nacada Boss John Mututho who is also in the race for the Nakuru Gubernatorial seat has slammed at his opponent former NTSA boss Lee Kinyanjui terming him ‘someone behaving like a bad boy in Nakuru politics’.

In an interview on Sunday, Mututho said Nakuru is a hotspot for politics and it is high time for all candidates to carry themselves with some decorum.

“I would like to urge the candidates to carry out themselves with some decorum more particular to Lee Kinyanjui who is behaving like a bad boy like recently he came trying to interfere with the normal activities of the drug addicts’ treatment centre-Jomec. Let him behave well lest I deal with him squarely” warned Mututho.

It is claimed a week ago, Lee Kinyanjui campaign caravan passed by Jomec Rehabilitation centre where it is alleged the drivers of the trucks behaved in unorderly manner interfering with normal life of the patients.

It is an issue that Lee Kinyanjui has remained silent about but the former Nacada Boss has issued a warning to anyone trying to interfere with the normal society way of things that they risk facing the law.
Mututho also slammed at incumbent Kinuthia Mbugua over claims that he is busy procuring people from other camps to his camp.

The former Nacada Boss revealed that one member who was a reformed drug addict at Jomec by the name Kimondoi had been procured by Kinuthia Mbugua.

“I am aware that the Governor is busy procuring some people from my camp including one patient by the name Kimondoi…….But please Governor your money..there are better things you can do” said Mututho.

He was addressing media at his Jomec rehabilitation Centre on Sunday.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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