Mututho calls on President Kenyatta to emulate Somalia in dealing with ‘COVID-19  thieves’

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to borrow a leaf from Somalia and ensure all the culprits behind the COVID-19 Funds theft are arrested and prosecuted.

A regional court in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu Monday sentenced four senior Ministry of Health officials and acquitted five others accused of stealing money meant to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, local media reported.

Though the Sum of the monies lost in the scheme was not revealed in court documents, the fund was also earmarked to tackle HIV/AIDS and malaria in the country that has braved years of civil war and a fragile federalist government.

The four are facing jail times of up to 18 years and have also been slapped with fines in one the harshest conviction of State officials in recent years.

And in his address to the press in Nakuru on Tuesday afternoon, Former Naivasha MP John Mututho lauded the move stating that is the way to go.

Mututho has called on Kenyan Government to emulate Somalia and act on corrupt cartels.

Mututho says if Kenyan Government through its agencies cannot investigate the culprits behind the COVID-19 funds theft, then time is now to seek aid from Somalia.

“Somalia has shown us the way and corrupt people who stole COVID-19 funds have been arrested and sentenced. Even as the President addresses the nation, we urge him to call on Somalia for aid. Mr President we know you are not in this and you mean good for Kenyans, just call the President of Somalia to help you in this” stated Mututho.

Mututho who also served as Nacada boss stated that as leaders they cannot tolerate the issue of people stealing from the public.

He added, “the investigating agencies seem failed and that is why we are saying that we need help from Somalia who have shown a good example in dealing with COVID-19 fund thieves.”

This even as human rights defenders and members of the civil society continue to hold nationwide demos under the hashtag ‘ArrestCOVID-19Thieves’.

The demos according to the activists are aimed at pressuring the government to take action following media reports of COVID-19 funds theft.

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