Mursik is my favourite, MP Kathambi reveals

Njoro Member of Parliament Charity Kathambi has revealed that Mursik is her favorite fermented milk.

Speaking at Etwaat village when she was hosted by mothers of the area, the lawmaker who was full of joy noted that she could not do without Mursik.

She was speaking after attending a fellowship with one of the churches in the area.

“It was great sharing a cup of mursik with my great mothers of Ewaat village, after fellowship with one of the churches in the area,” she stated.

The second term serving MP went on to state that, “Mursik is my favorite fermented milk, thank you Ewaat residents. I will be back again.”

Mursik is a traditional fermented milk variant of the Kalenjin people of Kenya.

It can be made from cow or goat milk and is fermented in a specially made calabash gourd locally known as a sotet.

The gourd is lined with soot from specific trees, such as the African senna, which add flavor to the fermented milk.

It is normally consumed with ugali or on its own and is served at room temperature or chilled.


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